In response to the new regulations launched in 2003, the MPMSAA - with financial assist from WorkSafe Victoria - has launched into an Asbestos Awareness and Education Program to send a message to every plumber in regards to the hazards of asbestos and to encourage improved compliance with new Victorian OH&S (Asbestos) laws and secure asbestos manag… Read More

Baw Baw is known for its natural magnificence, and the small cities along the Princes Freeway claim among the extra lovely countryside Gippsland has to offer. Darnum-Allambee Road is a chief instance. The small however surprisingly busy road rolls past the Darnum Musical Village vacationer spot, through farmland to the small city of Cloverlea and… Read More

The management of asbestos materials and products in workplaces is widely legislated across Australia. Conventional items containing this harmful substance are asbestos ceiling tile, vinyl floor tiles, cement products, air conditioning ducts, sprayed-on wall and ceiling plaster, textured paints, insulation, roof shingles, sealants, fire-retardant … Read More

ADSS is made up of people who have an asbestos related disease, their households, buddies and carers as well as unions, asbestos business representatives and related government departments. The Society also works intently with medical and legal professionals experienced in asbestos associated ailments.If you will need to work with any asbestos or a… Read More

Found a trolley on a street, in a park or creek? Please report it to the trolley hotlines, to not Council. Please verify for retailer identification on the trolley. Then provide a description of the trolley location by contacting the relevant collection service as follows.Failure to establish and remove all asbestos containing material prior … Read More